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Mums Rule.

It is Mother’s Day. A joyous occasion for so many to celebrate the amazing person who helped bring you in to this world. Though for some, this is a day that brings up sadness if you are missing that amazing woman who helped raise you.

I am somewhere in between.

First, I will start with the fact that I had an amazing mom. Her story is a tragic one due to a hereditary disease (Huntington’s) but also one of great triumphs, for many things but probably most especially for being responsible for two (might I say amazing) daughters!

I lost my mom twice, I say that often to those who didn’t know her or me back then. But as I sit here today, I think of who I am because of who she was. The good and the bad. And my heart is heavy but also full as I am thankful for what she gave me. And one of those things was the love of animals and also the experience with living and dying. While I may have found my way to hospice through another path, I know the heartache and battle pushed me and I sought out this place.

Thanks mom.

You know what else, speaking of thankful. I got the sweetest gift today- the most unexpected and delightful gesture from a dear friend. Doughnuts (and not just any doughnuts- Nord’s doughnuts- it’s a Louisville thing). So early this morning he honored me- the mom to 5 furry beasts (as we so fondly call them), with a simple “Happy Mother’s Day”.

Of course I ate the Bacon Maple Log in record time. And as I sit here savoring the taste, I am thinking about my mom and her mom and my (practically) step-mom and my (practically) mother-in-law and my sister and aunts and women who have loved and supported me (who mothered me!). I think about those of us who provide a family and mothering to our beloved animals. Those who have had more convoluted paths into motherhood. Those who have no human or animal children but touch lives by their caring, mothering nature. And I am so thankful…

Thank you to my mom Dora Marie Bennett (Paull) and know you are always a part of me (I may pinch a few butts today in your honor).

And to my wonderful partner Mark for helping me provide the best family to our crazy family of animals. And to all of the women who have touched my life and helped me feel love and support and be able to reciprocate that. You all made a difference.

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