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Dearest Maude, Smaude, Smeowd,

You are the fiercest and most loyal animal I have ever met. So fierce that I wasn’t sure I could tame you. Even with my years of experience, you threw me for a loop and taught me so much. You are a breed of your own. You are the sharpest and fastest animal I have ever handled and I have the scars as reminders of your strength and my persistence. You and I worked so hard on our trust that I will never forget the day I could handle you without a thick leather glove. From that point forward, we were a team that trusted and respected each other. I was your person. So much so that you tried to drag me to your nest on multiple occasions and made a bed on my feet. I am the only one who got to enjoy your sweet and delicate face kisses. You made it clear that our relationship was special.

Your absence will be felt so heavily in this house. We will notice the absence of pitter patter pacing in the morning as soon as you hear us stir. You waiting by the kitchen appliances in the morning because you know the bananas are nearby and will be yours. The sneaky knocking down of cups on the coffee table and the drinking up and swimming in the water mess. The way you hate baths but love having water poured into your bowl as you drink and randomly dunk your head in and wash your face. How you eat oranges as if they are flesh that you needed to attack and fling. How you steal papers from us and hide them in your nest under the couch. How you are always waiting to sneak into the bedroom to gleefully disappear in a drawer under our bed. How you chuckle ecstatically when you get body slammed. How you are so content in my arms as we walk around the house on our explorations. 

You could get over, under or through all of the barriers that kept the other ferrets in their designated areas. You were always on the move except when you would assume a prairie dog stance on your hind legs to size up a new challenge. You kept at it until you could squeeze under the bedroom door and jump over the gate to the ferret room. You thought it was a fun surprise to run up people’s pant legs to bite their shins, and you were so cute that the people at the vet’s office (and some of our ferret sitters) didn’t pay attention to our warnings and the “MAUDE ATTACKS” note on your chart until it was too late. You were a master pen thief. No part of the house was safe from your adventures. You always found ways to climb and jump to your goal, and sometimes the only evidence was the mangled fruits, plants and reorganized drawers that you left behind. For all of your craziness you were full of love, cuddles and affection, even if you had to show it through glove kisses. You were such a fun and wonderful member of our family, and you are sorely missed.

Hans will miss your cuddles, your chuckle times, trying to furiously eat treats before you can steal them, partaking in tube battles where you both wave your heads around with your teeth showing being fake ferocious to each other, being stackable with you, attacking the Christmas tree and swimming in its water, and he will miss cramming himself into the same hammock with you to enjoy your warmth and kinship.

I will fondly remind myself that “the girls gotta stick together,” even in your physical absence. Because we are connected and you’ll always be my girl.

You were always wild, and you chose me to be wild with. Be wild, my sweet baby girl.

Your Mom and Dad


Feb 14 2006-Nov 20 2018

It has been exactly one year, to the day, that my best friend, my thick and thin, my "road dog", my Montana left me and went over the rainbow bridge. I have sat here many times trying to write this and I just have not had it in me to finish it or really even to start it. The loss I have felt over the passed year is really indescribable. Grief comes in waves one second you are ok the next you are an absolute mess crying so hard you cant breath. I get it, to most people he was "just a dog" but to me he was so much more than that. He was my first "baby", my first real responsibility. He got me through so much in my life and I am so grateful for him. I guess to understand why I miss him so much you'd have to understand why I love(d) him so much. I have been through so much in my life and Montana was always there with me through every single obstacle, struggle, sorrow, and rejoicing moment. He not only saw me through an abusive relationship he also saved me from it, guarding me during every fight even attacking said person a couple of times to get him away. He saw me through that heartbreaking divorce and laid and snuggled with me every single night to make sure I was safe. We practically joined the Army together. Being away from him during basic and AIT seemed like an eternity. I had pictures of him plastered all over my lockers just so it felt like a piece of him was there. I remember when I finally got to permanent party all I wanted was a way to get Montana to me and in the fastest way possible. The search for our perfect apartment seemed endless but when I finally found one he was the first "thing" I wanted in my apartment. When we finally moved in to our apartment together it felt like all was right in the world. It always did when I had Montana by my side. Our time at Ft. Bragg had so many ups and downs I soaked his fur many nights with heartbroken tears and fears of what was to come. He never seemed to mind he would always lay there in my arms and let me cry as long as I needed to. When we left Ft. Bragg and came home we added an addition to our pack, a tiny human. I swear at first I thought he was going to kill me. It was always a joke in our family that Tana was so spoiled that when I did have a baby he would eat it. I wont lie I was so nervous how the transition would go but he handled it in true Montana fashion. He welcomed her into our small pack and loved her so much! Every once in awhile when she would cry, like babies do, he would huff and puff and look at me like, "mom I think this one's broken. Can we return her?" That never stopped him from snuggling with her every chance he got though especially when she was sick. You could almost guarantee she was sick or getting sick when Montana would glue himself to her. I have countless pictures of them sleeping together curled up on the couch with half Montana's body hanging off. He didn't care how uncomfortable it was just as long as he was close to her. He was not only my best friend anymore he was now hers as well. For her first couple years I think she thought she was a dog she would role around in the grass with him, chew on sticks next to him, they shared popsicles, you name it they did it together. About three months after having my baby I started getting massive headaches, not like migraines even more debilitating to where I could barely move headaches. I went to doctor after doctor and no one ever had any answers. I had good days and I had horrible days. On the horrible days Tana and my daughter would curl up with me and we would all lay in bed watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It took about two years but I was finally diagnosed with something called a Pseudo Tumor Cerebri. It's where the body doesnt get rid of your cerebral fluid and it backs up in your brain causing all the same symptoms as a brain tumor except there is no actual mass. With this diagnosis came countless MRI's and spinal tap after spinal tap, seven in total to date. Spinal taps are so rough on your body and psyche so coming home to my two favorite things in the world always helped. After every single spinal tap Tana would always stay by my side. No matter what. As he got older he couldn't jump on the bed anymore and I couldn't help him up after the spinal tap so he would lay on the floor as close to the bed as possible only leaving to go potty and eat. Through the years he gave me his own health scares. Twice I thought he was dieing of cancer but both tumors turned out to be benign, and believe me he did not think the cone of shame was comical. One day I came downstairs and he couldn't move, all he could do was make his I'm in pain bark and look at me with those sad but beautiful puppy dog eyes saying help me. Like a frantic mother I rushed him to the ER Vet thinking some how he was paralyzed but he had some how just slipped a disc and was back to new with rest and medication. As the years went on I noticed him start to take longer to get up, I noticed him struggling to get up the stairs, he stopped trying to get up on my bed, he struggled to jump up on the couch, his bark started to change. I knew the phase I had been dreading since the time I got him as a puppy was starting to rear its ugly head. I dreaded this phase and I prayed it wouldn't come until I was ready for it. Looking back though there is no reality in where I would have ever been ready for that day to come. Even though he was starting to succumb to his age he still always greeted me every single time I came in the front door. I can still hear that "hey mom you've  been gone a long time!! Where have you been? I missed you!!" Bark! In April of 2018 I was advised by my neurologist that after trying to get rid of my pseudo tumor with medication it was not working and he advised brain surgery. Let me tell you hearing those words are absolutely heart stopping and breath taking. On July 31st I went in for a stent placement while awake with no medication that worked to numb the pain or anything to alleviate the anxiety. I was placed in ICU for 24hrs and got to go home the next day on bed rest. Tana was there to greet me through the front door and again never left my side. He knew I was in tremendous pain and he couldn't leave his mommy like that. For weeks I would lay in bed and just cry from the pain, again soaking his fur with tears but he never flinched nor wavered. He stayed with me through it all. Looking back  now that was the last major life event he was able to help me through. It was almost like God gave me a few extra months with him because He knew I needed him then more then ever. Even though I was going through my own trials I still made sure Tana made it to his vet appointments for his medication but after awhile it all stopped working. He started to get more and more frail, he stopped eating unless I hand fed him, he almost completely lost his bark, he could barely stand on his feet without support. That phase, the one I had been dreading for 13 years was here and it wasn't going away no matter what I did. I remembered a poem I read on his first puppy check-up called "A Pets Prayer" and I knew the time was fast approaching for me to hold up my end of that prayer. He had taken care of me for so many years and it was now my turn to be selfless and let him go. See I knew there was no way Montana was going to leave on his own. He was going to fight and fight because he was not going to leave his humans. On Monday November 19, 2019 he looked at me with those same "help me" puppy dog eyes and I knew that no matter what I wanted it was time to let him go and not make him suffer any longer. I researched in home hospice vets because Montana absolutely hated the vet and I couldn't fathom that being our last memory together. In my searches I found an absolutely amazing in-home hospice vet called Heart's Ease. I couldnt bare to call and make the appointment myself so I asked my mom to do it. The appointment was set for the next day November 20, 2018 with Dr. Nathaniel Cook. I cried and I cried and I cried some more knowing I only had less then 24 hours left with my best friend. That night I spent every waking moment cuddled in bed with him. The day of I gave him all the snacks I could think of and just loved on him as much as humanely possible. When the time came and Dr. Cook came to the house we brought Tana's big couch bed into the living room snuggled him in his favorite down comforter and made him as comfortable as possible. I laid over him and thanked him for everything he had done for me, for all the unconditional love he showed me, I thanked him for all the times he protected me, I promised him it was ok for him to go and that we would all be ok. I told him how much I loved him with every ounce of me and he would never be forgotten. Dr. Cook was absolutely amazing, caring, understanding and let me take as much time with Tana as possible. When I decided it was time I held him, stroked his ears, gave him kisses, and whispered to him how amazing he was and how loved he was. I held him until and far after he took his last breath. My mind couldnt comprehend exactly what was going on all I knew was my best friend was gone. Again Dr. Cook was so respectful and never did anything without asking first. We loaded Tana into his SUV and as he drove off I forgot how to breath for what felt like eternity and my heart just shattered into a million pieces and it hasnt really found its way back to normal yet. I still miss Tana every single day. I still cry over losing him. I still laugh at the good times because boy the good times sure do over shadow the bad times. I have so many funny memories of him that I will cherish for a lifetime. Like the time he chewed a hole the size of his head in my apartment wall because he was trying to save me from the evil mouse in the wall, the time he ate an entire decorative tassel and was pooping string for days, or the time he had diarrhea for days because he got a ahold of ONE marshmallow. One of my favorites though is the time we were playing baseball in the backyard and the ball hit the ground next to him and dared to role over his foot. You would have thought he was hit by a car the way he was crying and carrying on. I ran over to him scooped him up and his yelping instantly stopped, he just wanted his momma. Boy was he a momma's boy. Then there was the time he got on the counter and ate an entire pan of meatloaf that had just come out of the oven, and the time he at a five pound bag of gummies and had me picking up hot stinky gummy puke all night. I could go on for days with all our good and funny memories and those are the ones I choose to remember! He was my heart and no dog would ever be able to replace him. I want to thank Dr. Cook and Heart's Ease for making an absolutely impossible situation just a little more bearable. I don't know if I could have done it without his compassion and understanding!! To me he was never "just a dog" he was part of my family. I still love and miss Montana every single day but I know that I made the right choice and I hang on to all the good memories and the knowledge that I will meet him one day again over the rainbow bridge. 

Captain 3
Captain 2

Captain Jack

2003- 2019

Captain Jack was a year old when he joined our family in June 2004. He was so loving and easy going yet full of what seemed to be never ending energy. As soon as we brought him home, Captain figured out how to open the gate to the backyard. He also got on top of his house trying to figure out how to get over the fence. He would play with the kids when they were young. He also liked to play fetch even though half of the time he would make me go halfway to him to get his toy. The Fourth of July was his favorite time of year. He loved fireworks! We would have family over to celebrate every year and he would run back and forth with excitement as each firework was set off. As the kids grew up, Captain gradually became mine. We became especially close over the past five years. We would take walks together or just hang out enjoying each others company. He was a big source of support for me as I fought a rare disease that I was diagnosed with a couple of years after we adopted him. Captain was always there to listen and keep my mind off my fears. When I found out this past winter that my disease had progressed, I wasn't sure how much more fighting I wanted to do and felt really defeated. My kids are grown now but Captain still depended on me. He gave me a reason to keep going. When I found out he was sick, I was devastated. I couldn't imagine him not being around. Captain never slowed down until he got cancer. He made it to his 16th birthday and one last July 4th but by then he really wasn't himself anymore. Every now and then we would get a glimpse of his old self and he never lost his sweetness. I keep looking out the backdoor for Captain like I did for 15 years when I couldn't be with him. Our backyard is the saddest place now. Completely empty of all the love and energy that he filled it with. There is a big void in my life now. I learned a lot from Captain Jack. I grew because of him and he made me a better person. Miss you always Captain, love, Mommy.

Angel 2015


March 2004--July 2019

How do I begin?  Greg and I adopted our little girl, Angel, 15 years ago, just 4 years in to our marriage, and 2 months after losing our other three babies, Murphy, Vinnie and Lilly, who all crossed over that Rainbow Bridge within a few months of each other.  And, to add to that grief, my father, who passed shortly after. 

It was a such a devastating time for our family.  Losing all those loved ones so closely together.  And then we met our sweet baby, Angel. 

Greg didn't want to adopt another because of the grief we had endured.  He said he couldn't take going thru that grief and heartache again. But, of course, if you know me at all, I've never not had an animal/pet/best friend in my entire life.  I was never able to have children, so these were my babies, my life. 

I remember the day I met Angel. She came running towards me and dropped at my feet wanting me to pick her up and hold her.  And when I did, she laid her head on my shoulder and just made this sighing noise as if to say she were 'home'.  She chose me... and I was so happy.

I brought her home and introduced her to Greg and they immediately fell in love with each other.  From that day on in March of 2004 she was our one and only pride and joy.  She was our everything.

She went everywhere with us.  She loved her frisbee playing with her Daddy and going to Seneca Park for her long walks.  She loved camping and swimming with us at the lake.  She loved going on the pontoon boat. And, oh how she loved riding in the car!  Anywhere!  She didn't care.  Her head hung out the window and she loved it!

Our daily routine was always our morning walk.  She couldn't wait to get outside and stroll the neighborhood and walk proudly past the neighborhood dogs as they all barked at her.

Angel was our everything.  You don't realize how much so until they're gone.  Our daily routines, everything we did, revolved around and included her. We fed the birds and the squirrels everyday together before we walked.  We played in the baby pool in the backyard afterwards.  She sat at my feet and followed me everywhere.  Everywhere.

Now, after 14 years of so much unconditional love our baby has passed on.  Her physical body just couldn't take it anymore.  And, it hurts.  My heart hurts. I don't know what to do without my constant, loving little girl beside me. 

Thanks to Heart’s Ease Veterinary Care, she was able to go peacefully at home on her favorite blanket with her baby by her side.  Dr. Nathaniel Cook was so awesome and caring and tender.  We all sat/laid on the floor with her and loved on her until she was gone.  I didn't want her to go thru the stress of being taken to the vet’s office (which she hated) and be all stressed out at this last stage in her life. 

A few hours after, when I was sweeping up the floor in my family room there was a feather.  A little white feather.  In my house, which was so strange.  But, in that instant I knew it was my Angel letting me know she was all good and so happy 'on the other side'.  Free of any more pain. And, she was telling me we did good by her.  We didn't have to doubt whether it was the right time or not.  Because that is the hardest part of it all.  Making that decision.  Because they can't tell you that it's time or that's it's ok, and that they are ready.  It's so hard.

I lit a white candle next to her picture and placed the feather in her picture frame.  And, I talk to her constantly because I know her soul is still here with us. Her physical body may be gone but she is forever here with us.

Rest in Peace my sweet baby girl.  Mommy and Daddy will miss you always, but we will also remember God placed you in our lives for a reason and you gave us so many wonderful years together.  And, I thank Him for that. Immensely.

Peace and love to all of you whose hearts have been broken as ours are now.  God bless.

Chopper Bruber copy
Mom-Dad-Chopper copy


2005ish--April 18, 2019

It is hard to select just a few pictures to tell the story of Chopper. Chopper rescued us in the spring of 2005. He came from a shelter, and growled at first approach, but then a one on one visit with Mom and Dad outside was love at first sight. A golden retriever and chow mix, the perfect blend of sweet boy and guard dog that Dad wanted. He was amazing and a blessing in so many ways.

Chopper was great company, companion, and comfort to Mom as the long journey of Alzheimer’s ran its course and for Dad while he took such loving care of them both.

Later while Mom spent the later years at Episcopal Church Home and Dad would visit and make sure she was cared for daily; Chopper was Dad’s companion and watchdog for the homestead while he was away, and comforted him when he was home. Of course, during all this, Linda and I loved spending time with them all as well.

Mom gained her wings in 2013, and Chopper again became a miracle of company and comfort to Dad.

Later when I would visit Dad after work, whether I had planned to or not, Dad would always tell me how at that time of day, Chopper would be out in the driveway watching for me.

In May of 2018, Dad also gained his wings. For the next year, Linda and I cared for and loved Chopper like our own. I stayed with Chopper at what had been his homestead for most of his life, later transitioning to my house as we eventually sold the homestead.

Chopper once again was a miracle of companionship and comfort as we traversed that difficult year. I was attached to Chopper for his entire 14 years, but especially so this last year.

During those later days, Chopper had more problems with steps, I had a ramp for him, but still sometimes had to give him a ride, Linda coined the phrase of this ride shown below as a “Bruber”.

It was during these times that we began visits with Dr. Courtney who helped us and helped Chopper have the best time possible that he had left, and as fate would have it, those days would end only 3 days after closing on the old homestead.

Chopper is back with Mom and Dad now, and Linda and I cannot thank Dr. Courtney and Hearts Ease Veterinary Care enough for making this difficult process as best as it could be. I wish I had taken a photo of Chopper with Dr. Courtney, because she was so loving, and Chopper loved her.



2006ish--May 6, 2019

I adopted Henry from the SPCA in Charlottesville, VA at the end of my intern year of residency. I found out later the same day that my dad had cancer, and lost him less than 4 months later. Henry was my constant throughout many of life's challenges and transitions: losing my dad, completing medical residency, moving to Louisville, starting a career, buying a home, getting married. He was so laid back and good-natured, and followed me like a shadow for many years. When he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure I was devastated, then overcome with anxiety about what would happen to him. Dr. Cook did an incredible job in helping me care for Henry, and we had 19 more months together - way longer than I had imagined when Henry first became ill. It has been over a month since his passing and I still find myself looking around the corner, waiting for him to come chasing after me like he always did. Henry was the sweetest, best boy ever, and there will never be another dog quite like him. I miss my little beagy man tremendously. 



Nov. 27, 2005--April 24, 2019

He was the best,  what more can I say.  If more puzzling things can be said about the human species than to say that he was an owner turn in to GRRAND, then I dont know what it would be.  He made his first entrance into my home and knew he was where he was destined to be - and that was it. No. separation anxiety from this boy was ever seen.  

In our walks, which were many, he never  met a stranger.  All who looked into those gentle eyes became instant friends.  He greeted all who came to my door with a toy in his mouth.  He accompanied me to work each day and was  a loved member of the office neighborhood.

He loved his toys,  tolerated puppy Murray down the street, relished any chance to eat snow, and enjoyed a good roll in the grass.  

With the health issues that he developed in his final year he did not easily give in.   But now his presence is gone, no sound of footsteps in the hall, no greeter when I come home, but  he will always remain a happy memory. Rest in peace sweet Adley.  



2006-May 6, 2019

I went to the shelter to find a special dog and there he was sitting on a little cot just waiting for me!!!  I took him outside and he walked over to me and put his head in my lap as to say “mom please take me home!!”  That’s when the special love and companionship began.

       Jack immediately filled our lives with love and joy.  He was a very sweet and mellow guy but he definitely had a stand-offish personality. We always laughed as he would jump up on our bed every night and get in the far corner as far away as he could!! He wanted to be close but not too close!!!  

       My husband and I worked together and Jack was our special office worker.  He was a perfect office dog because he was so mellow.  Over the years, he became quite the celebrity in our office as clients would come in as ask for Jack!!

Jack loved to take walks.  Every day for 11 years (unless I was out of town or sick) Jack and I took 2 or 3 walks a day.  I truly believe that’s what kept him going the last months of his life because he was in good physical condition.

       Three years ago in April, we got the devastating news that he had anal gland cancer.  We had the tumor removed but chose not to do any chemo or treatment.  I was always told that it was a very aggressive form of cancer but he thrived for over 2 years. This past November, we were told that the cancer had returned.  I was devastated but knew that time would come.  After that diagnosis, he seemed to be doing well for several more months.  

       About a month ago, something made me make the call to Heart’s Ease.  My regular vet had recommended them and I am so grateful for making that call. Looking back, I realize it was time even though I wasn’t quite sure of my decision.  Dr. Bennett was absolutely wonderful and her kind and calming way was so comforting for all of us.  She was only on this journey for about 3 weeks but she made that hard journey bearable. 

       The day of Jack’s passing; Jack and I took a walk in Cherokee Park – one of his favorite spots.  He seemed to enjoy his last walk but I think it was more comforting for me.  

Dr. Bennett came late afternoon and we both knew it was time.  We all gathered outside on a beautiful sunny day and said goodbye to our best friend. He was so relaxed and I know he was ready to let go.   This was the final act of love I could give him and for that I am grateful.

My heart aches and I miss him so much.  There is such a large hole in my heart that will take a long time to heal. Jack was my faithful companion and I will never forget him.  

Rest in peace my buddy until we meet again.  



November 5, 2004--
March 20, 2019

My heart aches every single day without Cozy. She had a long healthy life until being diagnosed with cancer 6 months before her death. Even after the initial diagnoses, she had a great quality of life until the last week of her life. She was euthanized on March 20th, 2019. 


I feel as if a part of me, a part of my soul or light within me also died that day. Beyond the unconditional love and joy she gave me every single day, she truly gave me a reason to feel loved and validated as someone who was worthy of being loved. She gave me hope. She gave me reason and purpose. She gave me so much joy. Cozy gave me peace. She gave me peace with myself and with the world. She gave me so much comfort just being present with her in every day life and in the most simple mundane things of everyday living. But the sum of all she gave me can never be measured or quantified. She was like a lighted lantern bringing me out of darkness and occasional depression. And now that light is gone.


Everyday is a struggle without her. Some days are worse than others. I feel when I'm not busy and engaged, my thoughts instantly return to her and how much I miss her and how sad I am without her. The hardest times of each day are waking up in the morning and going to bed at night. Cozy was always there in my bed, on my pillow or snuggled next to me as I lay in bed. In the mornings we would wake up and she would stretch her legs as I would stretch mine, and we would get up together and start our day. And every evening she would wait on her cue from me, by turning off the lights in the living room, as being her time to head for the bedroom. She would jump into bed and on to the pillow. I would turn off the lamp and she would rest next to me in the darkness, licking my ear or head and we both fell asleep. Even her snoring was enduring to me and made me smile and gave me peace and comfort. 


I have had numerous dreams about her, all good and happy dreams of where she is still alive and jumping and playing with me. I like to think in spirit she is still with me. I still hear phantom whines of her begging for a bite of my food and the clicks of her toenails as she would trot across the hardwood floor. I think that by being single, I gave all my love to her and she returned all that love to me tenfold. I never realized I could love a dog that much, yet she was more than a dog or pet to me. She was my baby, my companion, my co-pilot in life and in all that I did for over 14 years. I protected her and took care of her and loved doing it, and she gave me unconditional love and much happiness. 


My grief and sadness is so deep and intense and it's as if I lost a sibling, parent or spouse. There's a hole in me that I feel will never be repaired or filled by her death. She was so loving, affectionate and playful, and filled my life with so much joy. And sadly in a blink, it's all gone.


I try to take comfort that in her 14 + years here in this world, she wanted for nothing and she truly was treated like a Queen everyday of her life. But she deserved no less and I was overjoyed to give her that love and care. Cozy truly was one of my greatest joys in life and she was my best friend. 


I love you Cozy and will treasure you. You are in my heart forever.


Love, Daddy Tony. 


Lucy Mae

2007-ish--March 14, 2019

It has taken me a few weeks to be able to face making this post.  I have had to say goodbye to many furry family members, but this one is just killing me.  She was like a little piece of my soul was sent down right when I needed her and right when she needed me.  She came up our very long driveway, 20 pounds under weight and in pretty bad shape.  I knew the moment she collapsed in my arms that day that she was meant for me and I her.  She flourished in our home and I had an instant connection like no other!  

The grief I feel is definitely beyond what I have experienced and although I have loved many, for some reason this one has taken a toll on me. 

Thank you to Dr Courtney Leigh Bennett and staff, for giving us the extra 7 months we didn’t think were possible.  

She was the best girl, she stuck by my side, was a certified therapy dog, and loved by many in the community and dedicated to being the greatest snuggle buddy, spoon sleeping, bed hog on the planet!!!!


Thank you for being there when Lucy Mae needed you and for comforting me during our goodbyes.  (I may not have acknowledged it at the time, but I was aware of you stroking my arm and reassuring me while I cried and held our sweet girl)

I miss her so much, and cry every night, but I know that she is running through green fields in heaven and looking down on me!  

Thank you again so much for everything.  We could not have done this and provided her the last 7 months with comfort and care without you loving Lucy too!  I am forever grateful we found you.  Dr Bennett, you are an angel on earth and truly the kindest soul I have EVER met! 


Lucy you were the most beautiful soul.  You were a great protector and friend!  I will miss you every day until we meet again! 


The bottom picture is a bracelet a friend made for me.  The beads represent her coat color and the larger bead at the bottom of the bracelet is an ash bead.  A bit of Lucy’s ashes were baked into the bead so I can have her close to me all the time! 


We love and miss you Lucy Mae!!!!



2006--March 28, 2019

Shortie was born into this world in 2006. 2 years later, he adopted us as his family. He was bigger than life. Ruled our home with fairness, but firmness. Loved by all who knew him. Old age and what came with it was too much for his frail body, even though his spirit never wavered. His time on Earth is past but his journey is just beginning as he begins to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Bon Voyage, Shortie Boy. Till we meet again.



2003--February 15, 2019
2003--February 15, 2019

I worked at a shelter briefly when I was 21 years old where Andy was the office dog (I've included his bio pic for the adoption website). We kept him separate from all the other dogs because he was so aggressive. He had been there the longest, probably because he was also the oldest, so I brought him home to give him a break for a few weeks. I never saw an ounce of agression out of him ever again and we never looked back.  He was my best friend for the next eight years. We traveled the whole country together, eating like kings, hiking mountains, chasing chickens, & swimming in both oceans and every water way in between. We both grew out of our shells together and I will never get over how lucky I was to experience this bond. He left this world at home with love, thank you to Heart's Ease, and we buried him overlooking Lake Nolin, where he will rest forever. The legacy that he leaves behind is to never judge a book by its cover. Any dog at the shelter could be your next best friend, even the troublemaker. Be open to love in every form for it will make you brave. Rest in peace Andy and thank you for my life. You will be with me always. 

Shy 1.2016


2003--February 15, 2019

We miss our "Shy Boy". Shy came to us when he was 11-1/2 years old and he passed four years later on 2/15/19. Shy came into Louisville Weimaraner Rescue, Inc. with Hunter, an 11-1/2 year old Weim. They had lived together their entire life and were taken to a shelter in Ohio because of a divorce. LWR pulled them from the shelter and had them transported to our home where they stayed until they crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Hunter passed in January 2017 at our home with Dr. Bennett at his side. A little over two years later Dr. Bennett was at Shy's side. We miss both of them, but know they are now running around chasing chickens and anything else they can chase. Thank you to Drs. Bennett and Cook. They make the ending of our four-legged children much better in a hard situation.




Thank you Jerry, for your unconditional love these past 14 years. We miss you and will always love you.  



2003--January 12, 2019

Our sweet Lucy Lou by our side for 15 and a half years and forever in our hearts. Not just a pet but our sweet baby girl. 



September 7, 2008--
November 24, 2018

My loyal dog Brodie. 

Peanut 1
Peanut 2
Peanut 3


2001--September 1, 2018

From the moment I saw her photo, I knew I had to get her. I rescued Peanut In January of 2002 from a small shelter in Hodgenville, KY.  She was estimated to be around one years old. When I visited the shelter, all the dogs were barking except her. She was the quietest one, she didn’t bark at all. She was quiet by nature and rarely barked, mainly at strangers at the front door. She was patient, sweet and tolerate. She was my shadow, always wanting to be near me where she could see me. When she was young, she loved exploring on long walks and going to the dog park.In her senior years, her favorite past time was sleeping on her pillow above my head on my bed and relaxing in the sun. I called her “little big dog” because she was fearless. She never cowered from big dogs and would run and play, no matter how much larger they were. 

I had 16.5 years with her - she was with me thorough several big life transitions and saw me during my best and worst times, ever my supporter. She is my heart, my sweet sweet girl.

Chenji 4
Chenji 2
Chenji 1
Chenji 3


Unknown--May 2, 2018

I have already posted a fair amount about our beloved Chenji and even created a video to honor him which Heartsease graciously featured on their Facebook page. This memorial is simply to add updates, captured via the four attached photos. The first is that on the day I picked up his ashes at the office, Abbie was kind enough to take that photo of me holding my “Santa” container. As it turned out I was scheduled for a Santa meeting later that day and was headed there right after visiting the office. I brought his ashes to the meeting figuring that - since there were so many ways Chenji and Santa were connected - I would gain extra comfort from my Santa brothers on that very emotional day. The other photo shows me holding the container (seated, middle of the row). The final two photos are of me with Chenji the very first Christmas season we were together ten years ago - when his youth and and that soulful look were so prominent. The last photo is of Chenji in front of the azalea bush in our backyard, just weeks before Courtney helped with his transition. We have already scattered some of his ashes at that very spot. We love you and miss you dear dear Chenji.



Unknown--September 27, 2018

I'm grateful for every day I had with this sweet doggie soul, though there were just not enough of them. The connection we had felt timeless; she provided great comfort and companionship to me. The shock of finding out how sick she was and saying good-bye to her is still with me. I'm so glad she left us without fear and surrounded with love. My days feel so different now, Cora. I look for you at every step and turn of the house and miss your adorable face waiting for me at the big window. Rest easy. You were simply the best. 

Bubba Beaty


Unknown--July 6, 2018

Bubba was welcomed into my house as a 17 year-old foster; but, left as a 20 year-old member of our family.  He was the governor of the neighborhood!  We miss him dearly.  We were blessed to have him in our life.



2003--May 31, 2018

We had to say goodbye to our big boy Takoda.  He was a rescue from GRRAND who was part of our family for 12.5 years.  We were blessed to have him in our family and we miss him tremendously.  Always in our hearts and forever remembered.

Julie Price & Scott Lutz


Clementine Kinser

Winter 2007--Spring 2018

Our sweet Teeny Tiny, we miss you so much, you’re off training dragons now, until we meet again!

Our darling Clementine gave us 11 years of sass and laughter. She was there for me through loss, college, moving, marriage and the birth of my son. She made our lives better, giving love unconditionally (and judged only slightly). She loved beef jerky, being social, laying on open books, and going for walks.

It was the hardest decision of our lives to let her go, but she deserved to leave this earth surrounded by love, free of the pains of heart failure. I’ll never forget that morning walk with her, the peaceful look on her face when she caught a new scent on the spring breeze. She was beautiful.

Her absence is loud in our home, not a day goes by that we don’t share a memory or picture with each other.


Hannah Barter

2008--April 19, 2018

Tonight, please raise your glasses to #hannahthewonderdog #happyhannie #hannahbanana and my best girl. 

Godspeed, girl.  Rest easy my love.

I had to say goodbye to my best friend yesterday. 

My baby Hannah was very sick, but she barely showed it until it got very bad.  She was the absolute best dog in the world.  I am usually pretty good with words, but I am lost for words adequate enough to describe how much I loved Hannah.

The second I saw her, I fell in love.  She is the only animal I ever brought home in 25 years with my wife.  She had the softest, most magic, self-cleaning fur, a big smile, a huge heart, and would protect my wife from any perceived threat or danger.  She was also very silly, goofy, and happy.  She loved to chase things, swim, and (at first) would hold chickens in her mouth and carry them around.

As I said, words fall very short and hollow.  I don’t have many pictures because when we were together, we were hanging out, enjoying each other’s company.  I will miss her smile, her energy, her woo-woos when I got home, and her pure heart.  I wish I was half as good and decent as she was and as she thought I was.

There is a giant hole in my life and she will be missed greatly.  I’ll be keeping to myself for awhile.



2005--March 30, 2018
IMG_48271 (1)


Unknown--March 31, 2018

Bossman was my foster for 9 months.  A tired, sweet neglected 16 year-old man looking for his retirement home.  It was clear that he had been neglected.  He was in severe pain physically, leaving his mobility greatly limited, and declining rapidly cognitively.    His greatest pleasure in life was to be outside.  Thank you to Dr. Cook for allowing him some time with decreased pain and to eventually pass away peacefully under the warmth of the sun. Bossman left his mark on my soul.  When we next meet, I will cheer him on as he runs to me. 



1996--March 31, 2018

We are extremely lucky and blessed to have had her love and companionship for 22 years.  We miss you and love you very much Sybil…You will forever be in our hearts.  

I chose to name her Sybil (after the movie starring Sally Field about Multiple Personality Disorders) because one minute she was the sweetest tiny thing sleeping in the palm of my hand and the next minute she would be swinging from my curtains.  The truth is, she didn’t have multiple personalities at all.  She was the sweetest cat I have ever known.  Only sweet to “her” people, didn’t like strangers much- but she sure spoiled us with her affectionate head bumps.  She was a small dainty little thing, never over 7 pounds she always had a kitten like appearance.  She had the cutest little white feet.  We would refer to them as Sybil Bybil Feet.  She loved to bathe in sunlight like most cats but so much so that we would sing “You are my Sybil…my only Sybil” to her to the tune of you are my sunshine and refer to sunny days as “sunshiny bybil days”.   When she was young, she was terrified of the outdoors but later in life she would occasionally venture outside for a few nice blades of grass and to snoop around the house.  Never unsupervised of course but she would never go past our property…like she knew she was only safe with us.  She never cared for treats much…I always tried but she was the only cat that I ever knew that loved Twinkies.  Yes the Hostess Yellow Twinkie.  Maybe the secret to her long life was Twinkies and shaved turkey.  My favorite part of the day was when I would go to bed at night.  She would crawl up to my chest for some Bybil Love time which meant scratching her chin, head bumps and cuddling.   We called her many things…Bybil, Syb, Sibby, Sweetheart, Sugar butt and Ol Sybil.  Her beauty did not go unnoticed.  She was honored to have been picked for the Kentucky Humane Society pet Calendar 2 different times.  Miss July 2012 and Miss February 2015.    In her later years the heated blanket and the pet stairs became more important.  Spending time with her became a priority.  We were not able to heal her aging body but we sure tried.  

Muffy Mahoney


Unknown--March 16, 2018

Muffy was a special soul.

Muffy spent the first couple years of her life being treated as we can only guess was very harshly. She was found to have many small pieces of bullet fragments in her face and chest and had been taught to never make a sound. Luckily, she ended up in a shelter in Grayson, KY where my Aunt rescued her around an age of two. My Aunt loved her and cared very well for her. But only 3 years later my Aunt died suddenly and unexpectedly. Muffy was the only one there to comfort my Aunt at that time. That is how Muffy came to live with us. Imaginably a very quiet, timid, and withdrawn dog at first. It took many years for her to get accustomed to our home and the way we love and treat animals. She was not real used to being an indoor pet, she had no idea what I was doing when I hugged her neck, and she turned away from me at first when I would try to kiss her face. We tried to teach her it was okay to bark, get on the furniture and to sleep in our bed. I had five and a half years to show this dog my unconditional love and she returned it ten fold. Dr. Cook came into our lives after Muffy was diagnosed with nasal cancer and given only 3-6 months to live. With Dr. Cook’s help she lived happily for almost 10 months.  Two days before we helped her across the rainbow bridge I leaned in to give her a kiss on her face, instead of nuzzling in, she turned away from me. Reminiscent of when she first came into our home, but now for a very different reason, it hurt for me to kiss her. That is when we knew. Dr. Cook made the process of saying goodbye as easy as it could be for myself, my husband and nine year old daughter. I can’t thank Heart’s Ease Veterinary Care enough for being with us these past few months. 


Puck Branson

2003--March 10, 2018

The house feels empty and I'm not sure how we will get anything accomplished without Puck's help. For the past 15 years, he was My Cat, and there really wasn't anything that he didn't supervise. I'm happy to report that he was his Puckish self to his last day. I'm grateful to Heart's Ease Veterinary Care and Hillside Animal Clinic, Inc. for the information, support, and interventions so that we could give him a beautiful sendoff. If you knew Puck, please break a glass in his honor- that is exactly what he would have done for you today.



Dec. 1, 2004--February 14, 2018

Poppi enjoying his couch and pillow, a favorite nap spot during his 15+ years with Tom and Dee after being rescued as a stray puppy. He was a source of joy and provided lessons in unconditional love and boundless forgiveness that we will try to honor every day in his memory.

Dee and Tom


Buster the Basenji

Dec. 27, 2009--January 18, 2018

Thank you for being my special weirdo, my clever, strong-willed boy, and my sweet loving snuggle-bug. 

Gracie 2014.16
Gracie 1.17.18

Gracie King

April 24, 2005--January 17, 2018

Her tail wagged all the way to the end.

We will miss our Princess Gracie and Bonehead.

It is with a broken heart that I let you know that our Princess Gracie went over the Rainbow Bridge today. She is now running around with all the other dogs and being the boss she was. Gracie lived tied to a tree in Indianapolis the first two years of her life before Jackie went to save her. She came into rescue on 5/12/07, just after her 2nd birthday. Her birthday was 4/24/05. Greg and I fostered her. She was adopted to a priest in the Louisville area in Sept 2007. After a year or so, the priest passed away and she returned to us. She was then adopted to a family that turned out to just want a Weim at that time and not for the long run. She came back to us and we never let her go. She loved going to work with Greg in the truck when the weather allowed and if she got to ride in the car, she would not want to get out. She would growl and snap at us, so sometimes she was in the car overnight until she was ready to come out to go to the bathroom!

Gracie came into rescue with Masticatory Myositis. She could not open her mouth more than 1-2" and all her muscle mass on her head had deteriorated. She was started on steroids by Dr. Selby and she recovered. Of course, her muscle mass was never going to come back. So she also came be known as Bonehead by Greg. She knew both names, Gracie and Bonehead.

The first attached picture is on her professional photo shoot in 2014 with Courtney Paris. It was very challenging to take pictures of a deaf dog! Gracie went deaf in 2013, which was very young! Courtney provided us with wonderful pictures of Gracie.

The second picture is of her today. Gracie went down in the back-end over the past few months. She had acupuncture and laser, but neither was helping her in the end.

I would like to thank Dr. Nathaniel Cook with Hearts Ease Veterinary Care who came to our house on January 17, 2018 and took such good care of Gracie when it was time for her go. Dr. Courtney Bennett came to our house when it was Hunter's time to go over the Rainbow Bridge in January 2017 also. They are both very compassionate and caring people who help the animals and the humans through this process that no one wants to go through.

Cleo Wilson


2009--January 2, 2018

Cleo is glad the heat wave has broken and that we are finally getting some decent weather. Nothing like subzero wind blowing through your fur.

It was sub-zero weather back in February 2015 with the wind chill on this day. She was really a happy girl on that day.



2005 - January 2, 2018

I love you Einstein.

And I’m gonna miss you so much.

We had lived together about a month when we went to KY Lab Rescue to look at a black labradoodle named “Stevie.” When we got there, we were told his real name was Einstein, but they already had one listed with that name on the website. He was the only ‘doodle’ they had, and he BOLTED out the door and had a bit of a zoomie around the yard before he came over to Michelle and me, beating his tail 100 miles an hour.

Black dog on white sheets. Always a good look.

We’re not sure exactly where he came from, but he was fine living in a 4 room apartment up 2 flights of stairs. As long as he got a few walks a day. We figure he had a kid at his previous home, because in those days he’d get really excited when he saw a school bus. He was fine in the too big house we rented from Michelle’s parents for 5 years. He preferred walks, but he liked having a yard. He was fine on car rides, even 3+ hour ones to the hills of Eastern Kentucky. He wasn’t so fine when he tore his CCL (stupid squirrels). That lead to arthritis. That lead to today.

He was there with a fuzzy snuggle, or clumsy walk across the couch, crotches-be-damned, so many times. And then he was there 
through us going to Vegas to get hitched
through coming to terms with things we can’t have 
through surgery recoveries
through getting things we never thought we’d have 
through so very many deaths
through days I would do anything to not see another person
through parties going on all around him

He was there. Happy to see us. Every day.

Even though his back was bent, stooped from time and muscle loss there were still times every day his tail would rise up. Never as fast as it used to be, but he still sprinted to the door for a walk even today. When he knows he’s going to face too many steps. When he knows he’s going to land hard at least once. He might let me carry him, but usually not. He wanted some dignity, and I had it in my power to let him have some, even in the end.

10 years used to seem like an eternity. And in some ways, I hardly remember my life before Einstein. But it’s also too short. Way too short.

2014-03-03 november2014 007


June 2006--December 19, 2017

Always in our hearts.

photo 2
photo 1
photo 4


April 12, 2003--October 17, 2017

Our sweet, handsome boy.

22549917_10158666628102355_4030543588832442392_n 2

OK Kitty Waldron

2007 - October 7, 2017

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our great cat Ok kitty. He was a feral cat that we brought into our home and we were forever changed because of his love. My kids have grown up knowing the greatness of cats because of him. He was love incarnate and will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Thank you so much Dr. Bennett for helping him pass. 



2007 - October 7, 2017

In Loving Memory.


TJ's Alamo

2005 - September 30, 2017

He came into my life after spending five years of being at the dog track, racing, or having been passed around to different foster homes.  I soon learned that he was an “Old Soul”.  As a kind and calm greyhound,  he was always excited to meet new people and new dogs, regardless of size.  Even when small dogs would nip at his legs or his face, he would stand over them stoically, as if to protect them.   Always a happy guy, TJ’s Alamo would always chuckle at my stories, and then we both would just laugh and laugh. 


TJ’s Alamo and I had such a great run together. 

Shy Bishop


2004 - September 26, 2017

This silly, spunky, sassy girl spent the majority of her 13 years with us. Shy was our fierce guard dog, scared everyone she met but after a couple of minutes turned into a big softy looking for lots of loving. She was truly the family dog, she had no favorites, she loved everyone equally and she was loved bunches by everyone in return. I hope you had a wonderful reunion with Strider, Ice, Kit and Neko. We miss you bunches!

Ally Cole


1996 - September 9, 2017

We finally decided to help our Ally cat go on to heaven after more than 20 years with us. She was always a scrappy little thing and definitely the type of cat who made cat haters feel even more sure about their position. But, she was our girl and we have a lot of fond memories of her antics, from climbing huge trees up until just a few years ago to killing mice as recent as last year to riding in laundry baskets (don't ask - it was her thing). She rolled with all of our life changes, from two kids, to a move to the burbs to the addition of a *gasp* dog who I personally think she was quite fond of (and who was happy to allow cat cuddles when the occurred).  Ally had a relaxing morning with us and then was able to leave this world in her own home.  What a blessing for all of us. Run free you feisty girl....

Charlie was treated to a Dairy Queen
Charlie loved his bye-bye box when h
Emily and her sweet Charlie.


March 19, 2003 - May 4, 2017

Words can never, ever express our appreciation for the incredible kind and tender care you gave to our sweet Charlie boy and to us as we let him go. Losing him was so very, very hard for us, but it was tragic for our daughter who absolutely loved and adored him. He was the true light of her life!  

Having a special needs child that was so in love with her dog made this loss exponentially hard for us. They loved each other so much for the 17 great years he spent as the center of her world. He was diagnosed with end stage renal failure and failed so rapidly that we sought the help of Dr. Cook after just 5 days. He gently eased our family into acceptance that we knew that letting Charlie go was the best for him. Dr. Cook came to our home and made Charlie so comfortable for him that his passing was actually beautiful. 


When his ashes were available to us, he and his office staff were so incredibly kind to our daughter it made me weep! So for all of these things we thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Hearts Ease and Dr. Cook!



2003 - August 25, 2017

My sweet boy, Justyce.

Rufus Shaefer


2003 - August 4, 2017

Such a gentleman.

When Dr. Cook arrived, Rufus walked up to greet him, along with RoundUp and Talker, our other two rescued dogs. I dreaded Dr. Cook coming, but knew this was best for Rufus, as he had suffered with hind-end weakness and general wasting away, for too long. We had "Ru-Boy, The Ru, Buddy-Ru, Ru-Da-Do..." for about 10 years. When we got him, he had been found in an abandoned home that was foreclosed. The vet said he was between 4 and 5 years old. Ru was extremely loyal and loving from the first day. He let kids play with his ears and lips and lay all over him. He got zillions of hugs from all ages, in his approximately 14 years. He even let the cats take over his favorite blanket. Such a gentleman. We were very blessed to have been his family for the last 10 years. Every night, he'd wait for me to walk to the barn. If I didn't come out, my husband would have to come back and get him. On August 4, 2017, Dr. Cook came to help Rufus pass with dignity and without anxiety. I'll be forever grateful for the concern, compassion, and interjected bits of light-hearted conversation, recalling stories. There was even laughter over how our other rescue, RoundUp, got his name. The talking and pats gave Rufus an easy and calm passage and helped us to deal with the pain of letting him go. It takes a very special person to be so compassionate and understanding. Thank you, Dr. Cook. And thank you for the sweet card. Yes, RoundUp is still keeping up the good work. ;-) I will never again take any of my pet-family away from home, when it's their time to leave us. This is the best way for us and for them and I thank you for providing this service.

darwin peterson-scherer


2005 - July 6, 2017

Darwin is a good boy;

Darwin is a good dog.

It is with great sorrow that, today, I must report that Darwin has reached the end of his sheep-dog journey with us. However & to paraphrase - - I come to praise and not to bury him - - at least not here.  Not only is he the best dog I’ve ever owned, he was the best I’ve ever known. A clown, an athlete, a valiant protector, and a truly marvelous companion and family friend. He was all of that, more, and perhaps most importantly, the final answer to that age-old and oft repeated question . . .Darwin.



2001 - July 23, 2017

My big guy.

Sassy Riley


2002 - May 16, 2017

Sassy, our long-haired dachshund, was named by my young granddaughter before we even knew we would be getting her.  After Samson, our long-haired male died, our house seemed empty—we had had dachshunds for 34 years at that time.  When I contacted his  breeder, she indicated that she would have a dog for us, but we needed to wait until a junior trainer selected the puppy he wanted.  My granddaughter announced that we should get a female and name her “Sassy”.  And so it happened.  The puppy the breeder called “Pepperpot” became our Sassy, and she was part of our family for 15 years. 


The day we brought Sassy home, I remember her running around our fenced yard with her long ears rotating like propellers.   For all the feistiness that her two names indicated, Sassy was what our vet called a Velcro dog.  She did not like to be left alone, and she hated being in the crate.  She jumped around and made the latch of her crate turn so that she could get out.  After a couple of her Houdini escapes, we bought a crate with a spring latch.  It kept her confined, but she was not happy.  She would shake and drool, so we finally relented and let her have the run of the house.


Sassy seemed to have a sixth sense to key into whenever I was feeling pressured.  She also knew when I was getting ready to leave the house, and she would hide in the spare bedroom, wedging herself between the side of the bed and the bookcase.  Getting her out of those tight quarters was a challenge, especially if I was in a hurry to go somewhere.  If we tried to lure her out with one of her favorite treats, she could capture the treat with her long tongue and not move the rest of her body an inch.    She had incredible bladder control if  she realized that I was taking her outside to pee so that I could leave the house.  She would check to see if I was watching her, and I’d have to pretend to look away and hope that she would hurry up and squat.  Sometimes I won the battle, and sometimes Sassy did, much to my frustration.


Losing a pet is never easy.  One of the quotes in the booklet Dr. Bennett gave me summarizes the gamut of emotions that I experienced.  John Galsworthy said, “Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.”  In the 15 years of having Sassy as a companion, our family experienced the birth of another granddaughter, family Christmases and summer vacations, the death of my father, my retirement,  and my husband’s illnesses and death.  Sassy was a constant through all the changes, and as time passed, she became a senior dog and experienced the typical problems of older age—she could not hear or see well, and she gradually lost her mobility.  She appeared  to adjust stoically to her limitations, never seeming to have  given up.  It was hard for me to give her up, but when she was unable to rest at night and became increasingly restless, I felt that she was letting me know that it was time.


I am grateful to Dr. Bennett for helping Sassy through the last year of her life.  Besides referring her for surgery and much needed dental work, Dr. Bennett monitored her condition and prescribed medication to make her more comfortable.  Her assessment of Sassy’s condition and guidance in her care were reassuring, and her kindness made a difficult situation easier to bear. 

Neko Bishop

Neko Bishop

2003 - June 28, 2017

My Beautiful Neko Man.


Nosy Young

2000 - June 23, 2017

In loving memory. 



May 1, 2000 - June 12, 2017

We rescued Dusty from the dog pound on February 26, 2001.  She had been abandoned  pregnant and scared.  Two days after we took her home, she had six girls.  Our vet estimated her to be nine months old.  So we declared her birthday to be May 1 and every year we put on party hats and celebrated.   

Once her puppies all had homes of their own, and she was spayed, Dusty finally began to relax and trust that she was in her forever home.  She loved to walk, we walked a many of mile just to make her happy.   Watching and chasing squirrels was her favorite pastime.  She enjoyed playing with other dogs when she went to visit family.  Opening her own gifts at Christmas and on birthdays was something she enjoyed; she was almost like a kid bursting with excitement.  Sixteen and a half years with her went by way too fast.  Time took its toll on her first with hearing loss, later vision problems, liver problems, and then dementia.  It was hard letting her go, but we had to put her first to stop her suffering.  Dr. Cook was exactly what we needed to help us let go.  His understanding and compassion made the experience very peaceful for Dusty.  Our hearts break because we miss her.  She brought us so much joy and love from the day we brought her home.  She will always be in our hearts.

IMAG2582 (2)


December 15, 2010 - June 4, 2017

At the risk of being cliché, Ketch was a true gentle giant.  He was my best friend and I tried to give him a life that he loved. 

People were first drawn to his big handsome face, but it was his beautiful spirit that captured those who knew him.  He loved tiny dogs and had lots of doggy friends.  He spent most of his days guarding his home, his people and even his neighbors.  He was not perfect, he was a well-known toy thief, but he was always forgiven. I believe that he loved so much that his physical heart could not keep up.  He may have only lived 6 1/2 years, but every day was one that I treasured.  He was greatly loved and will be missed.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.26.23 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.25.49 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.26.11 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.26.30 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.26.35 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.26.18 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.26.03 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.25.56 PM


2002-May 8, 2017

Today, we had to say goodbye to a very special member of our family, sweet little Izzy.  

We brought her home when I was just 13, and she's been nothing but joy in our lives every since. This came much more quickly than I was ready for, and I'm very sad I didn't get to love on her one last time. But I'm very grateful that my family was able to FaceTime me and include me as we said our goodbyes. Thank you for being such a beloved pet and member of the family. You are already so missed.

her city
mr carrot


2002-May 8, 2017

Though I didn’t realize it at the time, June 2, 2003 was the best day of my life.

A stubborn, quirky, energetic dog named Lola moved in with me.  I grew up on a farm, and we always had dogs around when I was a kid.  But Lola was the first one that I ever truly lived with. Fourteen years have gone by in an instant, it seems.  We did pretty much everything together.  Walks every day (no doubt keeping the neighborhood safe in her mind), rides, errands – she was always eager to tag along.  Amazing how much joy picking up a leash or truck keys gave her.  When time allowed, we had hiking or city adventures, and even managed to play a little golf.  One couldn’t have asked for a better friend, but I had to let her go on May 8, 2017 due to pancreatitis and cancer. As hard as it was to say goodbye, even just one of our days together was worth all of the hurt that came from deciding to end her suffering and the days since then. Dr. Cook was the perfect combination of vet & friend, and I doubt either Lola or I could have managed without him. With the treatment plan we followed, she was active (and I think happy) up to her last day. 

I genuinely believe that dogs are the best thing the world has to offer.  Mine certainly was. I’m not sure that I will ever get over walking in the door and not getting that unbridled joy for a greeting, but I’m so thankful for all of the time we shared.

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