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Hospice & Palliative Care


Veterinary Hospice is a philosophy of care that embraces a journey’s peaceful end. We want to help enable you to provide your companion with comfort care beyond a cure. Hospice care is available when the end stages of life warrant additional options and measures to ensure comfort and dignity are maintained. Heart's Ease provides personalized, family centered in-home supportive care focused on comfort and quality of life measures.


Hospice and palliative care incorporate living well and fully, in the face of aged bodies or terminal illness. We are here to help you feel understood, supported and educated. Dr. Bennett will help you be an advocate for you pet and provide essential communication to ensure guided care transitions you from a devastating diagnosis to optimal caregiving that is right for you. Having a beloved companion diagnosed with terminal disease or failing traditional and appropriate treatment modalities can feel devastating. Hospice care will provide you with the emotional and medical support to allow the end stages of life to be as comfortable as possible for both you and your pet family.


At a point when you are faced with the mortality of your beloved friend, truly facing that fact can be overwhelming. If you are considering whether or not personalized in-home hospice and/or palliative care are right for you, call us to privately discuss what may be best for you and your animal at this stage of their life. We work closely with you, your support network and veterinary team to ensure your pet is able to live each day to its fullest. Starting hospice care early in disease diagnosis can provide optimal planning and support, for both you and your animal, while maintaining dignity and comfort for as long as possible.


During the initial ~2 hour home visit, your animal will be evaluated in their natural environment and have a gentle exam done at their pace. We will spend time reviewing medical history, discuss potential disease progression and complications as well as addressing your concerns, fears and expectations for your animal's care. Together, we will compose an appropriate care plan to help you navigate this stage of your animal's life, keeping comfort and quality of life a priority. Follow up visits, communication and adjustments will be made as needed based on the needs of each family and their animal.




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