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Sharing kind words...From some of the amazing families I have met-


"Where do I even begin to express our most heartfelt, sincere thanks to you in the care of our Madison? You brought so much reassurance and peace to us throughout the short time we were together. Not only did you care deeply about our girl, but your frequent emails and genuine compassiona and comfort were so very appreciated. You have an amazing gift and we were so fortunate to cross paths with you when we did!"  
"You have helped Lyle, Beemer and I more than you will ever know! Today Beemer has had a great day! Seems the doctor forgot to tell her she has cancer. Thanks!" 
"Philip and I feel very fortunate we found you and I will be forever grateful you helped our Sam pass with love and dignity. Thank you!"
"You truly understood what we felt like when we were losing our Puff, without your guidance and insight Puff would not have come to such a peaceful end. Puff’s last day was filled with difficult decisions and because of your presence I feel like we had made the best, although, most difficult choices for his care. His illness was so sudden and overwhelming, thank you for taking the time to help us make sense of it. And thank you most of all for making sure Puff was comfortable on his last day and giving us some extra time to spend with him. It has meant so much to us to have a person with your rare gifts of knowledge and understanding there during our time of crisis."
"I can't thank you enough for your thorough examination and report. I believe we're starting off well for my old girl...!"
"Your calm, loving guidance at such a difficult stage gave us the confidence and peace of mind to know that we could give Paisley all that we had hoped to give her. Thanks to you, our sweet girl lived out her days with joy and comfort and she passed away with the same."
"Thank you for devoting your strong heart and smart mind to this work. The energy you share is a wonderful gift to the world."
"We just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for helping us set Winnie free. Because of your efforts, she was able to spend quality time with each of us. Thank you for what you do and also for your tireless guidance through such an unbearably difficult time."
"I am sorry we met under these circumstances but I'm glad that you have a gentle soul and a kind heart. I can't thank you enough for making a difficult time bearable. You really helped to put my heart at ease, how appropriate!"
"Thank you again for your kindness and help. I cannot express to you how grateful I am that he was able to remain in our home and not tortured as we tried to move him to the vet. You are very good at what you do and although Jasper had been doing well until his last few days I really wished that I had called you sooner. Maybe he could have been more comfortable."
 "I have often said that it takes a very special soul to do hospice work and I do not change my opinion at all to say the same about people who do hospice work for animals.  Doc, you have a special soul and a God given gift and we are Blessed to have met you when we did and so was the Queen."
"There are truly no words to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for being there for our family during the final days of Jackson's life. As difficult as it has been, we are so thankful for your caring and compassion to help ease our sorrow. We feel so blessed that you were there in our time of need and you will forever hold a special place in our hearts. The work you do is so wonderful!"

"Thank you so much for all you do---for the animals and the people who love them. You deal with both sides---and you do a beautiful job at both."


"Again, thank you for the excellent care.  You have been wonderful.  It really makes a difference to me and David, knowing we are doing the best we can for my sweet girl, with your guidance... "





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