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  Cedric and Lilly

Quality of Life Consultations

We know how difficult it can be to navigate decisions in your pet's life and even more so when their bodies grown tired or they may have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. There can be many questions about how to cope with a diagnosis, interpret changes in behavior and recognize pain. Dr. Bennett provides tele-health consultations to allow an unhurried time to talk through your questions, concerns and considerations for your pets overall quality of life. She has been practicing solely as a dedicated hospice veterinarian for the past decade and her experience and niche focus allow her to provide you with a unique perspective of care.

Our virtual visits provide a professional and compassionate consultation to allow us:

  • Exploration of understanding of diagnosis and/or clinical signs

  • Determining level of pain or anxiety

  • Discuss past experiences with previous end of life care

  • Review caregiving obstacles and tips to help with ease of care including mobility, appetite and hygiene 

  • Talk through end of life planning and the steps for supporting a beloved pet through a gentle euthanasia experience

Call or email us to talk with our Cori, our wonderful Care Coordinator, about any questions or concerns you have and to schedule your consultation. We are here to support you and your family... to slow down and cherish all the moments and to help your beloved family member have the most peaceful and dignified time at this stage in their life.


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