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 Geriatric Support

We are fortunate that our animals are living longer, fuller lives thanks to advances in veterinary medicine and more intimate roles and care within our families. As animals age, their level of needs and interactions within a family may change. It may also be more difficult to take your older dog or cat into the veterinary hospital due to increasing stress or mobility changes.


Geriatric care is an integral part of the services offered with Heart’s Ease, allowing our aging companions and their families to have extra support during times of increased needs. Dr. Bennett provides low stress, in-depth individualized evaluations of our aging animals right in the comfort of home. Each visit will include a thorough history review, gentle physical exam and environmental evaluation to identify any issues of discomfort for her patients. We will help you navigate the ups and downs of changing needs for your companion including:


  • Mobility and Environmental Modifications

  • Comfort Care and Pain Management*

  • Weight and Nutrition Concerns

  • Behavioral and Cognitive Changes

  • Disease education and support


*Chronic pain management and mobility support are a huge part of our geriatric services- implementing therapies to ensure comfort is a passion of Dr. Bennett's. Early identification of pain and strategic multi-modal therapy allow you to take an active role in helping your pet be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. We will discuss the benefits of regular assessments along with good, open communication to allow for needed adjustments to ensure the best outcome for each pet.


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