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Tis the Season for Thanks


Last night we played all the best Christmas music and decorated our tree... we laughed about the times when our cat Mr. Brownstone would use our tree as his playground- every day another light was out. Now Mr. Brownstone is about 13 years old and is a 2 year survivor of cancer. I am thankful....

A month ago, I met a wonderful woman and her amazing dog that has a tumor that causes her pain and puts her at risk for seizures. Her mom sought the best care she could and this dog has a wonderful care team that I am thankful to be part of. The bond between this girl and her mom is incredible and it is clear how very important they are to each other. For now, my patient's pain is under control and she enjoyed a great holiday with the family in town and a surplus of yummy food!

This case, like others, reminds me of how much I love what I do. There is no easy way around dying and grief, it is raw and it is real. However, I think there is a better way to continue past living well to dying well, for the sick and their care givers. I meet families’ everyday that impress me with their love, compassion and dedication. The animals, like silent warriors, always trying to remain strong and showering their families with love....unaware of the meaning of words like cancer and terminal.

I truly feel that we can continually improve on how our animal’s age and die and I strive for that with each new day. I am so grateful and thankful for the mentors in my life and for my growing field in veterinary medicine. And I am especially thankful for all the incredible people I meet who want to give their beloved friends the best care and truly the best end of life that they can.

This holiday, among all the other hustle and bustle, we can be thankful for those we love and who we care for and who care for us. If you know someone who is struggling with a difficult circumstance with an animal or human they love, take a moment and consider offering a bit of support. Perhaps a cup of coffee and an ear to listen or sitting at the house while they run an errand...maybe just even a hug to say you care.

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